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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Learning Experience

With many classrooms still online, we understand that enrichment activities are difficult to create for your students. Blue Zoo strives to support you in your classroom and give your students a fun and engaging experience that they will remember for a lifetime.  

That’s why we created Virtual Field Trips! No permission slips required and you don’t need to leave the classroom. Captivate your students during this hour-long pre-recorded experience, where our Animal Expert Team will be your tour guides. Students get up close and personal with the animals with video right from our exhibits. They’ll see animal feedings, learn fun facts and animal history and enjoy an interactive tour of our entire facility! Our Virtual Field Trips are designed to create a desire to learn and stir a passion for our amazing animals!

To purchase a pre-recorded Virtual Field Trip video link, press the book now button below. Our events department will be in touch within 48 hours to send you the video link and to finalize your booking.

Looking for an in-person field trip option instead? Head on over to here to learn more about our regularly offered field trips!

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