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Virtual Learning Experience

With so many classrooms online, we understand that enrichment activities are harder to create for students. Blue Zoo strives to support you in your classroom and give your students a fun, exciting and engaging experience.  Blue Zoom@Your School will captivate students during this hour-long experience. Our Animal Expert is live and one-on-one with you and your classroom, providing fun, interesting facts and information about our animals. Additionally, your time includes interactive Q and A with our expert. Students get up close and personal with our animals with video right from our exhibits. Blue Zoom@Your School is sure to create a desire to learn and stir a passion for these amazing animals.

To reserve a time with us, select the ‘reserve’ button below and choose the time that works best for you, we’ll reach out with a few questions to ensure a smooth technical experience. Blue Zoom@Your School is $195 for the hour and is focused on Saltwater Animals: Stingrays, sharks, sea stars, reef fish and other saltwater varieties.  Educational focus: third grade to fifth grade and includes up to 30 students.

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